Future Use Of The Chapter House

Plans are moving forward with arrangements for a new long-term tenant. We had hoped to provide details in this e-letter but lease discussions have taken a little longer than expected. Our target date for signing the lease is May 1. We anticipate that the new lease will begin on June 1, after which, access to the house will be restricted to the new tenant. If you’d like to tour the house before that date, please contact me to arrange a date and time. If you have any questions, please call me. I prefer real-time discussions to e-mail. E-mail is time-consuming and very inefficient. I’m generally available any evening after 7 PM.

Similarly, use of the parking lot effective June 1 will be restricted to the new tenant.


Robert A. (Nellie) Nelson, ΔΔ916

President, Delta Delta Property Association

(H) 814-278-8575

(M) 703-244-7493

Alumni Dinner - Reservations Required

A dinner for alumni and guests is tentatively planned for Saturday, May 19, beginning at 6:00 PM, at the Chapter House. This will be the last social event at the Chapter House for at least five years. Brother Nelson will host at no cost to alumni and guests. BYOB.

RESERVATIONS ARE REQUIRED by contacting Brother Nelson at [email protected].

Final dinner plans will be announced in our May E-letter. Watch for it in your e-mail inbox.

Blue-White Weekend Kicks Off 2018 Nittany Lions Campaign For Gridiron Dominance

The football team’s annual spring scrimmage will be held on April 21, 2018, with the kick-off set for 3:00 PM. Please click HERE for further details. Unfortunately, because of poor turnout for the Homecoming dinner sponsored by the Property Association, the Association will not be hosting any form of an event for Blue-White weekend. The plans of the active chapter are unknown.

You are reminded that, for security reasons, the doors to the chapter house are locked. With only nine actives in residence, it is highly unlikely that your knock will be heard and answered if you stop by for a visit. If you’d like a tour of the house, please contact Bob Nelson. Please refer to the next article for contact information.