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Plans are moving forward with arrangements for a new long-term tenant. We had hoped to provide details in this e-letter but lease discussions have taken a little longer than expected. We anticipate that the new lease will begin on June 1, after which, access to the house will be restricted to the new tenant. If you’d like to tour the house before that date, please contact me to arrange a date and time. If you have any questions, please call me. I prefer real-time discussions to e-mail. E-mail is time-consuming and very inefficient. I’m generally available any evening after 7 PM.

Similarly, use of the parking lot effective June 1 will be restricted to the new tenant.


Robert A. (Nellie) Nelson, ΔΔ916
President, Delta Delta Property Association
(H) 814-278-8575
(M) 703-244-7493