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Tony Fulton, ’66, was hooked the minute he sat down for dinner

The way to a man’s heart is through is stomach. No truer words have been spoken, especially for Tony Fulton, ’66, when it came to selecting which fraternity to join when he entered Penn State University. “I had friends in Sigma Nu and they invited me to a rush dinner,” he recalls. “The cook, Derby, was fantastic, and the food was great!” Another plus for Tony was the fraternity’s location, being so close to Rec Hall, but ultimately, his stomach made the decision for him. “I was drawn to Sigma Nu for the food!” he laughs.

As a member of the fraternity, Tony was grateful for the built-in network of friends that made his social experience in college one he’ll never forget. “Sigma Nu provided me with lots of good roommates and a place to get fed,” he says. Highly recommending others to live with their Brothers, Tony’s immersion into Sigma Nu was full of adventure, good times, and of course, good food. “Some of my favorite memories are the early morning omelets after working all night. There were also the Friday night parties, Saturday night parties, Sunday morning ‘stubbies’, and cleaning up after parties!” he fondly remembers. And, he can’t forget a few of the special Brothers he shared it all with. “I especially remember Ralph Steigerwald and Jim Purdy, my roomies at the end of the hall.”

For Tony, living in the house also provided him with a chance to develop the bond of brotherhood, as well as enhance his social interaction, which has helped him in his life and career post-college. “Living with your Brothers only builds the relationships,” he explains. Unfortunately, Tony does not keep in touch today, something he wishes were different. “I miss them all,” he says. “But I have lost contact.”

After many years away, Tony returned to Penn State for work and found the campus to be different than he remembers. “I went back once on junket to look at PSU dormitories in relation to my work,” he says. “It felt eerie to go back, since I was on the end of the great fire. Things have changed.”

Through all of the parties and food, Tony managed to earn a degree in Architecture before setting off to enjoy a lengthy, successful career. Tony retired in 2009 after a 29-year career as the Director of Facilities Planning, Design, and Construction and University Architect for San Diego State University. During his tenure, Tony managed $1.5 billion dollars of design and construction and over 2.5 million square feet of new and renovated academic/support facilities utilizing Design-Build, CM at Risk and other innovative construction methodologies. As part of his duties he master-planned the physical growth of the main campus, off-campus centers at Calexico and Brawley, and a new CSU campus which is now CSU San Marcos. He also participated in the review and management of off-campus research projects including the Biosciences Center, the Paseo retail and housing development, the Santa Margarita Ecological Reserve, the Alvarado Research Park master plan, and the Coastal Waters Laboratory. He is particularly versed in working with a broad array of constituents in the public and private sector.

In addition to his Penn State degree, Tony also earned a Master of City Planning degree from SDSU, and maintains registration as a licensed architect in California and Pennsylvania. During his career he spent several years teaching architecture and engineering courses, has lectured on construction methodologies and construction performance enhancement, and has designed several K-12 schools while maintaining a private architectural practice.

Tony is an active member of the Association of University Architects (AUA), the Society of College and University Planners (SCUP), and actively participates in other local, civic, and national organizations.

If you would like to reconnect with Tony, he can be emailed at afconsult@aol.com