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Recently, an alum stopped by to tour the house and show it to his son who will be a freshman this year.  He was concerned to find the doors locked with “No Trespassing” signs posted and “Rooms For rent” signs on the front lawn. The last summer that we allowed residents was 2014. We experienced significant problems with cleanliness, damages and security. Since then, we have followed the practice of the vast majority of PSU fraternities by closing the house for the summer. The “No Trespassing” signs are posted to discourage unauthorized entry.

Because of a very poor recruitment/rush in the fall of 2016 netting only five initiates and the university’s recent decision to prohibit first semester freshmen from participating in recruitment, we have a significantly reduced occupancy and thus, several vacant bedrooms. To supplement the chapter’s income, we are renting rooms to non-brothers.  We are advertising on Apartments.com, StateCollege.com and Craig’s List as well as posting the signs on our property. If you know of a student looking for a room at a great location, direct him to nelsonnittany@aol.com.