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L-R are Bob Comfort, John Bott, John O'Donnell, and James MacLaughlin

Right from the start, Bob Comfort ’59 liked what he saw at Sigma Nu, and he is still thankful for his decision to pledge to this day. “It was a wonderful experience,” Bob says. “It was absolutely wonderful.” Bob thinks that the level of camaraderie at Sigma Nu in those days is hard to come by today. He attributes a great deal of it to the brothers eating their meals in the house together, which did everything from teaching etiquette to strengthening the feeling of family and commitment.

“I remember getting all these directions on how to set the table, how to pass the food,” says Bob. “To this day, I still set the table the same way, and I still set my silverware on my plate when finished.”

One of his favorite stories to tell is that at the time he pledged, he drank his coffee with cream and sugar… but that was fated to change.

“The pledges had to sit on the four corners of the table, so if you were a pledge on the last side, the coffee was cold by the time it got to you,” he says, laughing. “So I started drinking my coffee black from then on.”

Bob, who wrestled in high school, loved being a part of Sigma Nu’s strong wrestling team, and winning the championship one year. He also recalls wonderful times like the Viking-themed party, when a brother’s nearby chicken farm provided everyone with an enormous chicken feast in the dining room—complete with Viking costumes, of course. His best memory, though, would have to be meeting his wife, Donna, through a brother.

After completing his military service following ROTC, Bob earned both an MBA and Ph.D. at Pitt. He went on to teach Organizational Behavior at Pitt, and retired in 1999 as Associate Dean of Pitt’s evening college. In 1994, Bob was elected into the International Adult and Continuing Education Hall of Fame in 1994 as a result of his work and professional activities. Since finishing his time at Pitt, he says, he has just been loving retirement. Bob and his wife Donna have been married for 57 years, and they both recently celebrated their 80th birthdays around Easter. Together they have four children and 14 grandchildren.

Bob and several others from his pledge class have generously given back to Delta Delta over the years, including their contribution of the stained glass window in 2014, headed up by Jimmy MacLaughlin ’59. They had all had a great Sigma Nu experience, and felt that it was worth investing in, Bob says. And he still strongly believes in the value of joining a fraternity.

“Greek life is so important,” he says. “It creates a home.”