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Always Have a Plan, Always Look Ahead

Granger Haugh ’57, was a Delta Delta for two years at 340 N. Burrowes. He was privy to its prime location on campus, situated right near Recreation Hall, ironically where he spent significant time playing handball. His experiences those two years would lead to a lifetime of giving back.

“I knew some guys from Wheeling, WV who were in the Fraternity,” said Haugh. “Russ Bond ’55, who was EC one year, and Richard Meek ’56.”

The 81-year-old added that he’d been living in the dorms right across the street from the Sigma Nu House at the time and that moving there was quite convenient.

“My favorite memory of my time at the house was the pledge week process,” said Haugh. “We cleaned, painted, and most importantly, bonded.

Granger spent two years at Penn State, before transferring to West Virginia University to complete his degree. In Morgantown, he spent one year living at the Sigma Nu House. After college, he immediately went into the Navy Air Force, where he underwent flight training and became a Navy pilot for 11 years. He was honorably discharged from the Navy as a Lt. Commander.

The 81-year-old went on to start his own company in 1973 called International Enzymes, a sales and marketing company that distributed raw materials used in the manufacturing of machines that ran medical instrumentation. 15 years ago, the company changed its name to Cliniqa and became more involved in clinical chemistry and quality control.

Now retired, Haugh has established a non-profit organization as uses it as a way to gift to worthy organizations including Sigma Nu, Rotary, numerous Veteran’s organizations, and a special needs school in the Cayman Islands, along with halfway houses for rehab patients.

Haugh, ΔΔ682, recently made a significant contribution through his charitable foundation to the Sigma Nu Educational Foundation, Inc. (SNEF) to fully fund a grant from SNEF to reimburse the Property Association for the February 2016 purchase and installation of a whole-house wireless internet system.

The old hardwired system was extremely unreliable and difficult to troubleshoot and repair. These characteristics resulted in extensive downtime. The new system has greatly improved our internet connectivity. We are confident that this new system will reliably serve our needs for many years. Many thanks to Brother Haugh for this generous gift! A commemorative plaque will be hung in the foyer.

These days, Haugh says he has stopped flying but is keeping himself busy rebuilding an airplane, a war bird, which he plans to restore to 1944 specifications and paint in the traditional color of the Royal Navy at that time.

There is no question he was impacted by his time at Delta Delta.

“I learned to get along and be part of a team,” says the 81-year-old. “I had good grade schooling through a military school from seventh through 12th grade, he said. So it was a good transition and gave me the tools I needed. The philosophy of a Fraternity is a good one, there are always people around if you need it. I learned you have to look ahead and always be ready. You always have to have a plan for the future.”

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