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Money is always tight in college, right? We all remember that. For Brother James Merritt ‘00, that fact led him to a home away from home, and an experience he would never change.

“I did not shop around at other fraternities," said Merritt. “I was in a dorm with a guy who was going through rush at Sigma Nu. He invited me to the house for a “free dinner,” which I accepted since money is always tight when in college. I was completely blindsided and had no idea what I was getting into. When I entered the Sigma Nu house, I all of a sudden had 30 guys who were interested in talking with me and becoming friends. Because I had come to Penn State from Seattle. I didn’t have any friends at PSU, so this was quite exciting- a bid was extended, I accepted and the rest is history!

 “Homecoming week was always awesome, said Merrit.” When I attended PSU from 1996-2000, we were always in contention with our floats and won first place one of the years I was there. While in the Fraternity, I held the positions of EC, Rush Chair, and Treasurer. For me, my entire college experience, including being a lifetime brother of Sigma Nu, has had great impact on my career and life. It was a four-year section of my life where I learned about myself, about being on my own without my parents, meeting new people from all different walks of life, learning to adapt to various people and situations, becoming responsible for income, spending, and simply taking charge of my own life as an individual. Specifically Sigma Nu taught me to lead a group of men as E.C., taught me to be outgoing as a Rush Chair, and somewhat fiscally responsible as the Treasurer. In addition, my best friends are from the fraternity. I would never change my experience at Penn State or Sigma Nu!

I currently live in Ft Lauderdale, FL and run a Toyota Dealership (Lipton Toyota). I have a wife and three young children

The only people I keep in touch with from PSU are my brothers from Sigma Nu- Brian Walther ‘99, Dave Busch ‘99, Ryan Cool ‘00, Justen Bennett ‘00, Nick Ferroli ‘03, and Mark Cangiano ’98.”