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By Capt. Robert Nelson ‘72

Significant improvements have been made to the Chapter House in the past year. The university needed to install a new natural gas line across the front lawn. In exchange for granting access, the university re-landscaped the entire property including: re-seeding and watering the lawn, planting new trees, replacing the brick walkway, installing a new metal post and chain fence along the north end of the property, removing weeds, old shrubs, and ivy from the north & south sides, grounding out three elm tree stumps, and re-mulching most of the shrub beds, all at no cost to us.

Using funds from the capital campaign, we installed whole-house wireless internet service, replaced the century old steam-heated hot water system with one fueled by natural gas and replaced nine widows on the first floor. The hot water system replacement was aided by a donation from Brother Jonathan Stavinski, ΔΔ1382. For more information on these projects, please refer to the Property Association’s Annual Report. If you would like to view the report in full, you may do so at www.sigmanu-psu.org. From there, click the “News,” tab on the top of the page where you will be directed to a listing of published news articles on the site. Look for “Property Association Publishes Annual Report.”

The Property Association is developing plans and obtaining cost estimates for two major projects. The first is the renovation of the two main bathrooms.  Outside of repairs, these bathrooms have remained in their current state since the house was rebuilt following the fire. We should have an estimate for this project later this fall but the total cost is expected to be in the range of $120,000. After soliciting and receiving input from the alumni last fall, we are examining two options for the House Mother’s Suite: (1) demotion and conversion to an uncovered patio; and (2) retaining the roof and converting to a covered patio. An architect has prepared design estimates for both options. Additional borrowing will be required to fund these projects if approved by our Board of Directors.