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By Michael Cline ‘11- President

The Delta Delta chapter has been enjoying a great fall so far. Following the fall kickoff appeal letter, we have received a solid amount of donations; however, with upcoming renovations more donations are needed. The active chapter enjoyed a fun homecoming with Orchesis, and the alumni dinner was fantastic. It was great to see so many alumni back at their home away from home.

Unfortunately, we have lost a few of our proud members, and we hold their friends and family in our hearts. We hope they know the extended family they have in Sigma Nu will always remember their legacy.

The house has enjoyed some upgrades, with the replaced windows, new water heating system, and new landscaping. The house mother suite project is progressing.

On an unrelated note, Thon is quickly approaching. This dance marathon is something the active chapter and alumni feel strongly about supporting. With the cancellation of several canning trips, alumni support is needed more this year than any other year previously. Please help the active chapter make as much money as possible to continue their progress of being more involved with more dancers and volunteers in Thon.

"Thank you to those that have donated thus far, as always your gifts are greatly appreciated and are improving this terrific brotherhood."

The fall semester will shortly be coming to a close. With the start of the Spring semester come many more events that the alumni are encouraged to be involved with. These activities include Grilled Cheese for Cheese, the annual Work Weekend, and Snakes weekend. Grilled Cheese for Cheese is a fundraiser to raise money for the Michael James "Cheese" Delo memorial scholarship, alumni are encouraged to come, support, and spread the word for the chapters own philanthropic endeavor. We hope more alumni than ever will return for the annual work weekend, where we all help make the chapter house a better place. It is a great time to reconnect with friends and brothers, meet new alumni, and reminisce about the good times you had in the chapter. Snakes weekend is an invitation for alumni to come and socialize with the active chapter and fellow alumni while enjoying great spring weather. It is always a blast with the various yard games and relationships grown.

The Delta Delta chapter of Sigma Nu wishes all members active and alumni to have a great Thanksgiving, holiday season, and New Year. We hope to see you all throughout the activities this coming spring. Thank you to those that have donated thus far, as always your gifts are greatly appreciated and are improving this terrific brotherhood.