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5,000-plus members have spoken – their memories like digital doors to the past. The Skeller, “case studies,” Jams in the 80s’s, Harry the Skeller Rat, all are memories not soon forgotten by even the eldest PSU alum.

In fact, this quote from one of the group members best sums up our love for Happy Valley: "Something compelled me this evening to take a walk around campus from hundreds of miles away using the aerial map on my phone. Many changes, many things the same. It belongs to someone else now but it is my town, our town, until the day we die. Feeling homesick like I do every year at this time - for more than 30 years now. We are, and will always be."

With the return of the legendary “case of rocks,” at the Skeller, we invite you to click HERE and let the memories come flooding back. Join the over five thousand strong already on the page and reminisce with the people who know what it truly means to be a Penn Stater and even submit your own photos, comments, and memories!

What are you most nostalgic about from your days at Delta Delta? Let us know by clicking HERE