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The “big dig” in our front lawn is nearly complete.  The university’s new steam line is in place and the giant trench crossing our front lawn has been backfilled. Earth moving equipment is still in place to backfill the Alpha Zeta front yard. The next steps are to restore the lawn and shrubs and replace the brick sidewalk. We’ve met with the university arborist and landscape architects to complete a plan for new tree & shrub plantings along our property boundaries.

At the same time, the Board of Directors approved conversion of our steam hot water system to gas at a cost of about $26,000, with the help of a generous donation from Brother John Stavinski '06. We did not rebuild with steam heat in the ‘60’s because the installing contractor died and there were no others that did the steam installation. Now we are steam free.   

The new gas-fired hot water system is installed and operational. The old hot water tank, believed to be original 1925 equipment, had to be cut into six pieces to remove it due to size and weight. When cut open, scale deposits of up to one inch were found throughout the tank – the apparent result over 80 years of hard water usage (we’ve had a water softener for about 10 years).

This summer, we plan to install nine new windows in the dining room, living room and kitchen bathroom. Other summer projects include exterior painting in selected locations and mortar repairs to the rear patio wall and south wall of the main structure.

Alumni Brothers, this is where you come in. Without your donations, none of the work we do to preserve the organization that has given us so much, is possible! 

Consider making your gift today as our 2015-2016 annual fund draws to a close, by clicking HERE. If you have already given to this annual fund this giving year, consider making your next gift, as we kick off the 2016-2017 July 1!