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Recently, BuzzFeed released a list of the top ten reasons Penn State Students will take over the world and that got us thinking.

There are few group as massive, yet close-knit as Penn Staters. It’s a bond like no other. East Halls life during Freshman year, classes at the Forum, the Willard Preacher, etc.

No other place in the world offers these experiences and you’ve become extremely proud of that.

So, we asked Delta Delta brothers, what are your favorite PSU memories?

Bill Hoffman ’73 tells us that other than visiting the Sigma Nu house and going to football games, Spring time on the Old Main lawn is his favorite PSU memory.

Doug Kosydar ’94: “One of my favorite memories was organizing and attending our Centennial celebration at the Hintz Family Alumni Center in 2009. Our committee held a family fun day at Sunset Park as well as an Alumni Golf Outing in State College prior to the Evening Centennial Celebration which was attended by over 100 Alumni and family as well as Sigma Nu Nationals Regent and then President Graham Spanier. It was an awesome weekend in State College where I was able to meet a lot of distinguished Alumni from the 1940s through the early 2000's. It is always to meetup with a group of Brothers but this event was truly special. I thank all those that were involved in the planning and coordination of such an historic event.

(Photo from the event from left to right: Brothers John O'donnell, Doug Kosydar, Jim Shincovich, and Hank Garfield)

There’s never been a better time to return to the grounds of Dear Old State. Why not email your alumni brothers and plan a get together this summer and beat the heat at the newly remodeled Creamery!

After all, there’s always something going on in Happy Valley!

What are your favorite memories of PSU? East Halls? The Willard Preacher? Parking Lot 80? We want to know! Submit stories, photographs and general musings to our editor at alumninews@affinityconnection.com today!

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