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The Property Association’s Board of Directors has approved expenditures from its savings to install whole house Wi-Fi and to replace the windows on the first floor. A contract for Wi-Fi has been signed and installation should begin in a few weeks. In addition, we will transfer internet service from Windstream to Comcast. Access points will be installed throughout the basement party rooms, first floor (except kitchen) and the two bedroom floors. Anticipating a question - no, we won't be transferring cable service to Comcast. - At least, not now. For cable, we are under contract (via the Nittany Cooperative) to Windstream until 2017.

We plan to replace the first-floor windows during the summer break to improve habitability, appearance, security and insulating ability. The windows in the dining room and chapter room will be similar in style and quality to those on the second & third floor. The original construction windows in the kitchen and commissary will likely be procured from Window World or a similar vendor. Design specifications have been prepared and requests for proposals will be sent to potential contractors in the next few weeks.

We had also planned to renovate the two main bathrooms this year. We received non-binding estimates from two contractors. Unfortunately, the cost of this project exceeds our savings, thereby necessitating a new mortgage. We have insufficient time remaining in this academic year to finalize the contract, apply for and obtain a new loan, and complete construction before the house reopens in August. In addition, we have one loan that will be fully paid in February 2017, thereby reducing the overall impact of a new mortgage loan next year. Our current plan, pending final approval by the Board of Directors, is to renovate the bathrooms in the summer of 2017 as well as address a permanent solution for the House Mother’s Suite.

For more information, contact Alumni Association President Bob Nelson at nelsonnittany@aol.com