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The times spent in a fraternity are memories that will last a lifetime, but there are some memories that seem to slip away slightly over time.  You may want them to go away because they were bad or embarrassing, or it might just be something that happens.  One way to make the most out of your memories and be sure to never forget them is to use pictures.  Pictures are the perfect way to keep all of your best memories in place.  While photos don’t always make you remember exactly what was going on, they definitely bring back related memories to the event that was captured.  Check out these photos from 1985 and see what you can recall from these times.  Do you enjoy looking at these pictures? The fun doesn’t have to stop here! If you have some of your own stashed away and itching to come back out, please send the pictures to alumninews@affinityconnection.com so we can share them with everyone else and the memories and laughs can be spread amongst all alumni!