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Dear Brothers:

The actives are excited to announce that the Delta Delta Chapter of The Legion of Honor is continuing its success from the spring. Not only are more and more young men taking the oath of a Knight, but each member is taking that oath to heart and striving to improve our chapter every day. Our success is enabled through alumni support. Thank you for your continued support. Your example continues to inspire us and your devotion humbles us. Love, Honor, Truth.


The nobility and purpose of a Sigma Nu is becoming more evident to an ever increasing number of members of the recruiting classes at Penn State. Through hard work and the capacity for individualized attention, the active brothers seek out and extend bids only to potential candidates who are believed to be worthy of the honor of becoming a Knight. This semester we started with 18 potential candidates and ended with 11 newly initiated members of the Kappa Gamma class. With 2 seniors graduating this fall, and smaller pledge class this semester, the chapter will need to work hard in the spring and next fall in order to replenish our ranks. 


Financials continue to be a strong suite of the chapter as we will maintain a large surplus this semester. The chapter house continues to operate near capacity, allowing for an increase in all budgets and decreased housing rates. We continue to thank alumni Robert Nelson, Jim Wyland and Ed Sidwell for their continued work in facilitating the growth and improvements of the financial status of the chapter.


This semester we promoted and ran a blood drive with Omega Phi Alpha.  The Red Cross gave us a donor goal to meet for the drive, which we exceeded.  It was also a THON blood drive, and the organization who got the most donors for their respective drive received an extra 42 hour floor pass for THON Weekend, which we won.  We also participated in the Mount Nittany Hike Cleanup with Omega Phi Alpha. This was a great bonding experience for the brothers and at the same time a good opportunity to help keep our environment clean. Brothers of Sigma Nu participated in A Day of Caring. The brothers helped with the landscaping of Centre Furnace Mansion. We are committed to helping others and giving to those less fortunate. With our emphasis on charity, we remain cognizant of the ideals and beliefs upon which Sigma Nu was founded, including love and honor. We try to represent those values in everything we do.


One of our most ambitious goals this year is to win "The Bischoff Trophy" which is awarded to the fraternity which accumulates the most points in intramural sports throughout the year. We compete in many different sports ranging from flag football to table tennis. We have had a successful year thus far in athletics. So far we have competed in bocce ball, softball, football, swimming, golf, volleyball, tennis and squash. Brother Shaun Vadaketh came in 2nd place in tennis. We made the semifinals in volleyball. Unfortunately our football team this year was not very good.

Brother Matt Bierowski will have to find some way to help the Sigma Nu football team to redeem themselves next year. Bierowski’s scrambling skills resemble Johnny Football’s and this could be a viable asset but wasn’t enough to carry the whole team this year. We look forward to next semester and starting our basketball season with some great talent. We are also looking forward to soccer and should go pretty far with Brother Evan Benedict as our goalie.

At the moment we rank 7th among 47 participating fraternities - no small feat as the competition grows more fierce every year.

Chapter Updates

College Fresh will still be providing meals for the brothers next semester and we are looking forward to it. Meal time continues to be a great time for brothers to bond and catch up on the day’s activities. Chef Rich has also been known to go the extra mile to keep everyone happy and healthy.

The long history of Sigma Nu at Penn State is something we all keep in our hearts, but although the bond of brotherhood never weakens, the same cannot be said for the bonds of brick and mortar. Unfortunately, the house mother’s suite (HMS) is in a significant state of disrepair. Estimates to even partially repair the HMS are outside the normal operating budget of the chapter and the Property Association. We only use the HMS and associated fire escape for entrance and exit to the second and third floors. Anyone with anything to contribute to the efforts to save the HMS is encouraged to contact the active chapter or the Property Association. Please help us keep the chapter house beautiful as Sigma Nu strides into the future.

Thank you for taking your time to read this. We are always willing to update the alumni on chapter activities. Please feel free to stop by and say hi at any time.


Cameron Sabatini
ΔΔ 1534
Eminent Commander

Durrell Noel
ΔΔ 1557
Alumni Relations Chair

Note from alumni: this was the undergraduate’s Fall 2014 Newsletter! So here is exactly what is going on with the chapter: